2013年3月22日 星期五


In the flesh 如假包換
You're on 好啊
What's up with you these days? 你最近都在忙些什麼?
Not much 沒什麼
hang out 閒逛
introvert 內向的
passionate 熱情的
it's been ages 超久的
What have you been up too since you left? 你離開後在做什麼?
A little of this, a little of that. 就東忙西忙的
You don't look a day older 歲月一點也沒在你臉上留下痕跡
catch up 敘舊
Are you here on your own?你是自己來嗎?
sidewalk cafe 露天咖啡店
I've heard a lot about you  久仰大名
I haven't had the pleasure 我一直沒有這個榮幸認識你
no formalities 別這麼拘謹
I'd really enjoy that. 我非常願意
It's a real pleasure 很高興認識你
What did I tell you? 我之前就告訴過你了
practical joke 惡作劇
Sorry,I didn't catch that 抱歉 我沒聽清楚
I've heard nothing but good things about you 我聽了很多關於你的好話
I've been dying to meet you 我一直很想認識你
Well,I'm flattered 我真是受寵若驚
What's the latest? 有什麼新鮮事嗎?
Anything happen around here while I was away? 我不在的時候,有什麼事發生嗎?
It was a blast! 超棒的
You and me both. My weekend was a total disaster. 我也有同感!我的周末過得很糟糕
I'm here for you if you need anything. 如果你需要任何幫忙,我一定在所不辭
It's time like these that you find out who your friends really are. 這真是患難見真情
How has she been since her operation? 她術後恢復得如何?
She's getting better by the day. 她的情況一天比一天好了
Give her my best. 替我向她問好
I'm feeling much better.Thanks for asking. 我已經好很多了 謝謝你的關心
If you're feeling up to it, we should hit the courts after work.
Couldn't be better! 好的不得了
That was a break 真是幸運
Nothing new ever happens around here. 這裡從來沒什麼新鮮事發生
I should hit the road. 我該上路了
Don't be a stranger 有空要常聯絡
It's better to be safe than sorry. 有備無患
I've got to run! Sorry to run off on you like this. 我得走了,抱歉這麼突然離開
reception 歡迎會
toast 敬酒
groom 新郎
forward 今後;將來
bride 新娘
homemade 手工的
get into 參與;融入
It's just what I've always wanted! 這正是我一直想要的東西
I'll be there with bells on! 我很樂意參加
I wanted it the second I laid eyes on it. 我一看到這台,就想要買了
awesome 非常棒的
fix up 整理;改進
Not a chance 不可能
in the zone 進入最佳狀態
Keep up the good work! 繼續保持下去
I don't think we'll make it at this rate 我覺得照這個速度,我們會來不及
Never say never 千萬別說辦不到
What's going on? 什麼事情?
mercy 慈悲;仁慈
get them 收拾他們
coach 教練
Darn it! 可惡
home run 全壘打
Quit dragging your feet 不要拖拖拉拉的
I've got butterflies in my stomach 我已經開始緊張起來
It's your big chance to show your boss what you're capable of.
Just give it all you've got. 只要盡全力就好
Knock them dead 讓他們瞧瞧你的厲害
Let's not go off on a tangent 我們就不要離題了
propose 建議;提議
neglect 忽視
stray off 偏離
get up the nerve to do something 提起勇氣做某事
not in a million years 這輩子都不可能
You don't say! 部會吧
have a crush on 愛上
If it's meant to be, it's meant to be 該來的總是會來的
lean over 傾身靠過來
go for it 放手一試
Just give it to me straight  你就跟我直說吧
We could be ruined  我們完蛋了
drop a bomb 晴天霹靂
brace yourself 你要有心理準備
I'd like to call this meeting to order 我現在宣布會議開始
Please save your question till later 請等到最後再發問
Let's give him our full attention 請大家專心聽他主持會議
There are a few things I'd like to go over before we start.
sleep on 擱置
wrap things up 將事情做個結束
Since we're out of time, we'll continue this discussion tomorrow.
last but not least 最後但也同樣重要
draw to a close 結束
tie up loose ends 把一些瑣碎問題解決
What are your thoughts on the proposal? 關於這個提案你有什麼想法
The floor is yours 發言權交給你了
Could I get your input about how to improve the situation?
godsend 天賜之物
as light as a feather 非常輕
I was wondering if you could... 我在想你是否能
lawn 草坪
butler 男管家
tuition 學費
It has been a pleasure working with all of you 很榮幸能與大家一起工作
in recognition of 褒獎;表揚
Don't mention it  別客氣
Glad I could help 我很高興能幫得上忙
snap 厲聲說
Watch where you're going ,will you? 你怎麼走路不好好看路呢
Don't worry about it. Accidents happen. 沒關係,意外總是會發生
Sorry to interrupt your meal 抱歉打擾您用餐
I've got it all under control. 事情都在掌控之中
Are you out of your mind? 你瘋了嗎?
In your dreams 你作夢
I've never even thought about it 我連想都沒想過
You should have thought about that ...你早該想到...
What are you getting so worked up about? 你幹嘛這麼激動
I pull my own weight around here 我在這裡也很盡心盡力阿
Give me a break. 你算了吧
brakes n.煞車
You're driving me up the wall! 你把我惹火了
What a jerk 兔崽子
Don't get into a fight 不要跟人家打起來
take a hike 滾開
Mind your own business 管好你自己的事情就好
You don't have to be so touchy 你沒必要動不動就生氣
live a little 狂歡一下
What do you say? 你覺得呢?
It's going to be a night to remember 這將會是個難忘的夜晚
catch a flick 去看電影
make it a night 盡情享受夜晚時光
What did you have in mind? 你有什麼計畫嗎
Just give me a time 把時間告訴我
I'm already seeing someone 我已經有對象了
One moment, please 請稍後
We've got a really bad connection. 我們這邊收訊很不好